Where There

Is Light

Everyone is looking for the place where there is light this season.

We crave that feeling of lightness when we step into our favourite stores and we seek the light we radiate between one another. Take a look at our light filled short film and put yourself in the mood for festivities to come.

Discover What's Happening In Our Centre

Focus on what matters most - sharing the light and love that Christmas brings with your family and friends. Discover what’s happening in our centre to help make Christmas this year special and memorable.

Santa Photos

See their faces light up. For children of all ages, it's something magical to look forward to each year and a way to create memories of your children growing up with professional photography.

With new protective measures in place, you and your family will be able to enjoy a magical Christmas experience and have your photos taken with Santa, including Pet Santa.


Lights of Galleria

Come in experience some new Christmas activations this year at Galleria.


Gift Wrapping

This year, we’ve commissioned Australian artist Mikaela Miller to design a bespoke gift wrap. Inspired by the brilliant colours of native Australian flora, wildflowers and birdlife, this unique gift wrap will add to the magic of that special gift.


The Gift Of A Bright Future

This Christmas, Vicinity Centres is supporting the Red Cross Festive Appeal.

When crisis, hardship, isolation and disaster strike, Australian Red Cross know where to start. But they can’t do it alone, they need your help.