Centre Redevelopment

Green light for Galleria’s transformation

Our evolution is one step closer with Galleria welcoming the Metro Central Development Assessment Panel and the City of Bayswater’s approvals of our future redevelopment.

 The proposed major redevelopment and expansion will see Galleria become a Super Regional centre and one of Perth’s leading retail destinations.

We plan on investing approximately $500 million to expand and revitalise Galleria to deliver a vibrant, premium new retail and entertainment experience for our customers, our retailers and our local community.

We continue to work through a number of pre-conditions for the development, which will include investment approvals from the boards of Galleria’s co-owners, Vicinity Centres and Perron Group.

The transformational development will include additional specialty stores targeting international brands, Australian designers and fashion stores, as well as offering the latest discount department store and supermarket concepts.

Fresh food and dining experiences will feature throughout with a new restaurant and casual dining precinct, an innovative new gourmet fresh food market hall and a cutting edge dining court to offer greater vibrancy and choice. The approved plans also include a new leisure and entertainment zone, the establishment of a town square opening onto Bishop Street, an urban plaza to Russell Street along with additional multi-deck parking, with the aim to position Galleria as the ‘day out destination of choice' for the Perth community.

Gaining approval for our development application is an important step towards Galleria’s proposed redevelopment and we look forward to updating you with our future transformation as work progresses.


The development includes

The latest department stores and supermarket concepts

A new leisure and entertainment zone

A fresh food market hall and cutting-edge dining court

A vibrant new Town Square