Water Compensation Basin Relocation

Water Compensation - Basin Relocation

From Monday 17 June, Stage 3 fencing (as per map below) will be installed in preparation for the relocation of the Collier Road Water Compensation Basin. Excavating and building a new Water Compensation Basin will cause some unavoidable transport and car parking disruptions as highlighted in the map below.

As at September 2019, construction on this project is well underway.  Whilst a confirmed completion date has yet to be set, we are working closely with the builder to push through the works as efficiently as possible.




Commuters accessing Galleria from Morley Bus Station

The covered walkway currently connecting Morley Bus Station and Galleria will be closed. Until the completion of the Water Compensation Basin relocation project the best and most convenient access to Galleria from Morley Bus Station will be via the Kmart entrance on Bishop Street. This area will have additional lighting installed for the duration of the works.

Alternatively, the Australia Post entrance can be accessed by following the pedestrian paths along Russell Street and Rudloc Road.

Commuters accessing Aldi, Centrelink and Centro Medical Centre

The best access for these retailers and services is via the Russell Street and Rudloc Road footpaths. A pedestrian crossing is in place and is marked by arrows on the map above.

Stage 3 car park closure

As indicated in the map above, the car park located adjacent to Morley Bus Station and opposite Aldi will now be closed for the duration for the project. For customers accessing Aldi, Centrelink or the medical centre, the best parking is directly outside their premises. Alternatively, there is still approximately 130 car parking bays available adjacent Galleria and Australia Post.

Australia Post and the Russell Street entrance to Galleria, the adjacent car park will remain open and can be accessed from Rudloc Road.

We thank you for your patience during these works. Stay updated on this project with the key announcements and milestones by keeping an eye on this page or by visiting the Customer Service Desk, located on Level 1, near the Food Court.