Here’s What’s Trending This Spring

News| 6th September 2021
Here’s What’s Trending This Spring
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Say goodbye to winter layers and hello to new prints, fabrics and colour – this spring is all about adding exciting pieces that will give your wardrobe a much-needed refresh.

The changing season doesn’t have to mean a whole new suite of clothing. Instead, it can be as simple as adding a few statement pieces to help give your existing wardrobe a lively new look.

It’s time to be bold, be brave and have fun with these four new trends.

Take It Tonal

From earthy shades of cream, caramel and toffee, to colourful new swatches of sorbet, cobalt and peony pink, this spring, women’s fashion embraces the tonal trend.

One of the key elements to tonal dressing is to experiment with various tints of the same colour, along with different patterns or textures.

For example, take a tan top and layer it with a knit in a slightly darker shade – like chocolate. Or combine a soft floral green and yellow dress with an emerald linen blazer to add variety to your monochrome look.

You can even layer brand new spring pieces such as a skirt, dress or shirt, with already existing items in your wardrobe from winter, like a coat, sweater or boots. Explore some of our favourite tonal styles from Forever New, Witchery, Sussan or Sheike.

Accessories That Pop

One of the easiest ways to elevate your exising wardrobe and give it that fresh spring feel is through a simple selection of accessories.

Combine a backpack Strandbags or bright shoulder bag Cotton On with a neutral shirt in white, grey or black for a contrast that is sure to catch the eye. You can also elevate your look with a chunky gold necklace Lovisa or oversized sunnies Sunglass Hut  for an extra touch of seasonal style.

The best thing about accessories is they can be rotated to create fresh looks with your existing wardobe. So, instead of refreshing what you wear, change up how you complement it.

Nautical Motifs

With dreams of high seas and beachside holidays, this season’s sun brings men’s nautical inspired looks that don’t require a yacht. Despite being derived from navy uniforms and sailor style, the most important thing to remember for nautical fashion is to not go too over the top.

Pair a dark navy polo with light pants and dress shoes from Myer or Target for a more polished look. Alternatively, couple an open printed blue shirt with a white tee and chinos Cotton On or Kmart or a striped t-shirt with a pair of dark denim shorts and casual boat shoes Just Jeans for a relaxed vibe.

The Non-Black Bomber Jacket

The ultimate men’s fashion transeasonal item, the bomber jacket is a timeless piece of outerwear that never fails to reinvent itself season after season and this year brings new colourful styles and textures in lighter shades of tan, brown and grey.

When it comes to balancing out your bomber, give special consideration to your pants and shoe choice. Pair a darker, thicker jacket Tarocash or Connor with a light tee and distressed jeans to ensure it is spring appropriate, or join a thinner pale grey bomber [from Myer with darker slacks and a dress shoe for the perfect evening attire.

Did one of these trends catch your eye? Share your style with us on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #SpringStyle. We’d love to see the look you create for yourself!

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