Rosé, Lychee and Raspberry Spritz

News| 13th February 2022
Rosé, Lychee and Raspberry Spritz
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When the temperature is high, my go-to wine is a Rosé every time. I popped into Dan Murphy’s at Galleria Morley to pursue their extensive selection of globally sourced rosé and came away with a gorgeous bottle from Hawkes Bay. Not only is it a lovely dry wine, but the bottle has the most gorgeous label with a very appropriate Tiger gracing it. Perfect in our Chinese year of the tiger. In keeping with current drink trends, I have taken the alcohol down a notch in this refreshing cocktail by adding lychee syrup and soda, so you can safely sip away while still being mindful of your intake. This cocktail is pretty as a picture with the addition of a lychee, fresh raspberries frozen into your ice blocks and pops of green from cucumber and mint.


  • 1 x 4 tinned lychees, drained and syrup reserved - Coles
  • 200ml reserved lychee syrup - Coles
  • 200ml soda water - Coles
  • 8 fresh raspberries - Morley Fresh
  • 400ml Rosé (I used Round Theory 2020 Rosé / Hawkes Bay) - Dan Murphy’s
  • Mint and cucumber to garnish - Morley Fresh


  • Place two raspberries into four large ice block tray sections, fill with water and freeze - NOTE: I used a Kmart Giant Square ice tray
  • Skewer a cucumber round and a lychee onto four bamboo skewers and set aside.
  • Set out four cocktail glasses
  • Place an ice block in each glass
  • Top with 50ml lychee juice each
  • Top with 100ml rosé each
  • Top with 50 ml soda each
  • Finish the glass with your lychee skewer and fresh mint



I dived head first into feminine for this cocktail styling. Pink all round, with gorgeously fine glassware, a long glamorous cocktail stirrer to make sure your drink is evenly mixed and paper straws for those who want to keep their lippy intact.

  • Rosé Made Me Do It - Pink Cocktail Book - Myer
  • Cocktail mixing spoon - Myer
  • Luigi Bormioli Bach Retro Fizz Set - Myer
  • Gold spotted paper straws - Woolworths
  • Cut glass look tumbler - Kmart

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