Bing Boy

Bing Boy is a brand new food concept that brings Urban Asian Street Food to Australia.

Bing Boy is based on Chinese Crepes (Jian Bing) which have their origins in Chinese history.

Bing: a Chinese term used to describe a traditional thin wheat omelet wrap with various fillings. Tasty, fresh, quick and healthy – a popular food made in the streets of China for centuries – is now made hot and fresh at Bing Boy.

Boy: is a western term used to express strong feelings of excitement such as “Oh, Boy!” as the Bing is being eaten.

Bing Boy combines Asian and Western cuisines to create a new funky fresh style which is suitable for people of all ages. The Bing Boy concept enhances the history of “Jian Bing” and in the process we hope that it acts a reminder for the younger generation to be aware of a most valuable asset of the past – traditional culture.